About SGM

Security Guard Management (SGM) is a division of Arscott Associates, Inc. SGM was founded in 1992 by Bob Arscott. Bob who is a retired as a Detective Lieutenant from the Washington, DC Police Department. In 1977 when Bob retired, he founded Sting Security, Inc. Sting Security grew from a three man operation, to a multi-million dollar business within 5 years with contract guards servicing Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Bob sold Sting Security, Inc. in 1998 and now devotes his full time to SGM.

(See more about Sting Security and Bob’s career with the Washington DC Metro Police.)

During SGM’s fledgling years, its primary objective was to provide professional seminars for owners and executives of the contract security industry. Hundreds of executives have attended these seminars from every state including international owners as well. These seminars have never received a negative critique from any participant. Many of these participants voiced a need for additional training with the same SGM quality content. Today we have answered that need. Our product line has grown over the years and it has become common knowledge in the Security Industry that SGM, using SGM products and services will bring in thousands of dollars in additional revenue and at the same time will improve productivity.

SGM is not your competitor, just the opposite is true. Take a few minutes and surf our site to learn more about our products. We are sure you will find several that will fit your needs.