Now Pick Just the Videos You Need!

Now Pick Just the Videos You Need!

Keeping your guards trained and ready is easier than ever!  We are excited to offer guard companies a pick-and-play option for our new SGM Video on Demand training library.

Now companies can pick the plan that makes sense for them.  SGM offers both:

Monthly Subscription for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months with unlimited access to all 30+ videos in the SGM training library.


A la Carte Subscription with access to only the videos you need (3 video minimum).  Need just 10 of the 30+ videos?  Pick just the 10 you need.  Need 5?  Pick 5.


Both plans include access to our comprehension exams and certificate process to track the progress your guards make through the training program.  Use the videos in a classroom setting or allow your guards to complete the training anywhere they have internet access.  Available on desktop and mobile devices.